We are helping restaurants to reach profitability and focus on what they love: Food.

BiteBerry is a set of products built to bring profitability back to food industry


The bankruptcy rate in the food industry has reached its highest point since 2015. With third-party fees exceeding 30%, restaurants are grappling with both high operational costs and labor expenses.

Our vision

Restaurants need new revenue channels and processes to take ownership of their customers, data, and control over the overall experience. BiteBerry is here to help!


We’re developing and integrating a set of  tools to tackle prevalent challenges in the food industry. Each solution is dedicated to either boosting revenue or cutting costs. Voice Ordering stands as the initial product in our lineup.

Voice Ordering

Accepting phone orders is an easy way to improve profitability and avoid the high 30% fees charged by delivery platforms. We provide a fully automated AI-based voice ordering system that you can rely on.

Menus are automatically synced to power our advanced algorithm designed to process complex food items in an industry-standard way. Including modifiers, deals and notes. All data is synced to your POS.


Our mission

Combining  years of industry experience with automation, AI, and cutting-edge technology, our primary focus is to ensure that technology caters to restaurants, elevating their operations, profitability and overall efficiency


Smooth integration workflow

Live data and planning

Efficiency and profitability


Team with proven experience


years of experience in FoodTech


partner companies

BiteBerry has been founded by a team with 10+ years of experience in food industry and based on a network of 60+ partner companies serving 500 000+ locations.

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